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Eric Green Attorney At Law will aggressively and diligently represent you in order to get the most favorable results in your criminal case. This can be a delicate and scary time in your life, and we will treat you with the care and compassion you deserve. We handle all types of criminal law cases, but specialize in murder, gangs, and drug case.


Attorney Green has a military background. He is prepared to fight for your innocence or defend your actions. Every case is different, and we will customize your defense to suit your individual needs. Make the right choice and call us today.

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• Murder

• Gangs


• 3 strikes

• Weapons cases

• Drug cases

• Traffic violations

• Misdemeanors

• Rape

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We have defended over 200 criminal cases in your area

• Criminal / civil appeals

• Aggravated assault / assault and battery

• Burglary / robbery / theft

• Juvenile matters

• Domestic violence

• Bail motions

• Sexual crimes

• Possession charges